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Our mission is to organize and host the best songwriting camps and retreats for songwriters. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of songwriting and do it in fun and inspirational way.

Our songwriting retreats take place at the edge of a wild river canyon. We will take you far away from your normal every day world!

Our wilderness resort, and home each summer for the REO Songwriting retreats and camps, is 2.5 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. We are well off the beaten track!  Instead of the urban noise of our modern world, you get to relax, learn and write songs in one of the most intimate and beautiful places. Our retreat features two kilometers of private river frontage on one of the most amazing rivers you will ever see. The sound of the river is rushing by 24 hours a day. Sleep to the sound of the river!

2012 Songwriting Camps and Retreats:
Songwriters Retreat, July 15-20 with Pat Pattison, Bonnie Hayes, Don Osborn, and more!
More details at: www.bluecrushmusic.com/site/reos_songwriters_retreat.html

A Note From Bryan Fogelman

As the founder of Blue Crush Music and the REO Rafting Adventure Resort, I've tried to combine the best of two worlds: great songwriting instruction and an amazing, natural setting. An unusual combination you may say? Well, bringing songwriters to me clearly became my only alternative if I ever wanted to become a successful songwriter; I was devoted to my rafting resort and my young family. I was challenged to find the time and resources to improve my songwriting, and most importantly, meet other songwriters.

For the past 12years, Pat Pattison (Berklee College of Music, Boston) has been the principal instructor, flag-waver and shining light for the REO retreats. Slowly, but surely, the retreat has evolved and we now feature four of the best songwriting mentors and teachers available in North America. I'm thankful to Pat and all the songwriters who have made the trek to this remote, yet enchanting, part of the world.

Though I started the retreat twelve years ago, it's only been the last 6 years that I've really started to focus on my own songwriting. 2012 promises to be another banner year in my fledging songwriting career: my first single-song publishing deal; continued airplay across Canada for Crosby, Staals & Nash and my first rather modest performance royalties; the release of a 9-song CD with composer Jack Boomer and vocalist Marc Devigne, and the 13th Annual REO Songwriters Retreat promises to be the highlight of the year for many attendees.

Recommendations: I highly recommend the following songwriting workshops, conferences, books and instructors:

Party Party

This is a short Description

Red Eye Blues

I wait for the last call to board this late-night flight
Find a row of empty seats where I can try to hide
The runway fades into midnight black
Got a one-way ticket and I’m not coming back

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