Bo Henrik is somewhere between Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, Chance the Rapper and John Mayer with a little something else.  Born in Sweden and living in Vancouver, he writes, produces and tears it up with dance onstage.

Bo’s Mission Statement (in his own words):

I create music for the love of doing it, keeping it honest while still hitting hard and having the most catchy yet lasting melodies. If it sounds good and feels good, then that’s what I’m aiming for. I want my songs to bring you back to that time and place with your buddies or your girl at the time, maybe chilling around a campfire or just going out on your first date. I strive to make music that connects with you here and now, that you also will genuinely enjoy in 10 years time.

It's essential to me that the people surrounding my work as an artist are just as passionate about what they do as I am about songwriting and performing. My videos are for example shot by my high school friend Albin who has the taste and understanding of modern aesthetics combined with ridiculously impressive cinematography and editing skills (that lands him work with big companies. My homepage is made by Kevin who has a genuine love for design (also happened to teach me to skateboard back in the day). He understands and has a true feel for modern aesthetics mixed with the skills that have landed him jobs at big media companies.

Simply put, I believe that working with close friends that share your vision and are ridiculously talented will always give the best results. Kevin sees the homepage as its own art project, Albin puts all of his knowledge and taste into the music video and when Susan Szatmary helps design my logo, she puts her full understanding of who I am into the design.

People can feel it when something is true and when all of the people behind it love what they're doing; genuine people with genuine passions shine through. That’s why Tyler The Creator, Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper feel 100% real and their songs stay feeling fresh. I'm hoping that I can provide the same core feeling with my songs, music videos and my live shows.

Bo’s Vision Statement

In 2 years time: I'm working to have a sold-out North American tour in 500-1000 seat venues by 2021. Bryan and I will have a production company and record label that employs our most talented friends. We will continuously release music and videos to build our following and put on better and better shows. 

In 5 - 7 years time: I'll have a couple of platinum singles and one multi platinum-selling album. The idea of the Blue Crush label will be to create superstars from the coolest new people in the most ethical way possible. I want to create a competitor to the major labels that doesn't have any form of abuse towards the artists. A label where the artists aren't just exploited and are not held back in any way.

I believe that great art needs to be made and packaged by artists who are a part of the people they're making it for. That way you can create a true connection and give people that ‘‘Ah this guy is really expressing what I’m going through’’ feeling and that will always beat the label executives trying to assemble something that panders to the youth. To prove that this is achievable we will have created our first global superstar; Bo Henrik.

Bo’s Overview of the Current Music Industry 

It’s the 5th year of the trap music craze started by the Atlanta hip hop scene and you can feel that people seem to hunger for something that hits as hard as trap music, but that also has some form of melody and lyrics that connect to the normal guy or girl in their late teens or 20’s. 

People also hunger for something genuine. You can see this hunger being met in the truly impressive success of artists like Chance the Rapper, Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, Russ, Childish Gambino and many more. All of these artists have quite unorthodox sounds and they have quite little in common, yet all the artists mentioned seem to have a similar audience that they connect really well with.

So what do they have in common? They are all coming from a center of truth and blend the new-school sounds with old school in a way that they find cool. My music is exactly this. The songs are true to me and in the production I play 808s and sub-basses combined with clean electric guitar, Melotron and piano. I have a creative sound that mixes genres with the drums of today. This is exactly what modern music is and this is what people seem to be craving in the current music industry.

Alisa Leon

Alisa Leon is somewhere between Aretha Franklin, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. She has the vocals of the old school divas mixed with the modern elements of an artist like Sabrina Claudio.

Alisa Leon's Mission Statement (in her own words):

Honest songs with experimental sound that doesn’t lose its catchy side. I want to create something new that nobody has heard before that is easy to take in. Dark pop music, without cliches.

For me it wasn’t really a choice, it was more of a bad habit that brought me to this place. Annoying my neighbours with singing at the top of my lungs in the shower ended up giving me an edge. Now my singing practice combined with my habit of journaling has created a new place for me to connect to people I never otherwise would have met. 

Alisa Leon's Vision Statement:

In 2 years time I’m going to be selling my first tour going down the west coast of North America and have my first 2 songs on the radio on Hot Adult contemporary stations. I would love to have a following of old ladies and their cats.

Why My Music Matters:

As a woman, it can be very difficult to creatively express yourself. When I’m performing songs about difficult experiences that I have gone through in my past, I hope that younger women will look and see that there is strength and beauty in being vulnerable.

People want something that’s authentic and fresh; this is what I’m striving to create. I find that it is difficult to perform songs about topics that women are often judged for. I want to write honestly and freely but I have found that society is more comfortable when women censor certain parts of themselves.