Our Story

Blue Crush founder and songwriter/composer, Bryan Fogelman, has been actively involved in artist development and education in Canada. He has organized and hosted 26 songwriting retreats and workshops in British Columbia over the last 19 years. Bringing Bryan's knowledge and skills of the master songwriters into Blue Crush songs and collaborations, we believe that Blue Crush will carve a niche in the international music industry. With an official launch date of Jan 25, 2019, Blue Crush will release Bo Henrik’s first single, Replay, to be followed by other releases throughout 2019.

Blue Crush is very excited to work with power vocalist Alisa Balogh. Alisa attended Bryan's songwriting retreat at REO (19th annual). In October, Bryan wrote Paris to the Moon and was excited to work with Bo Henrik as producer and Alisa on vocals. Have a listen below to three recent collaborations with Alisa, Bo Henrik and Willow/TMA (Sweden).