Bryan LEE Fogelman

When I was 17, I organized and hosted two concerts in my home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota that attracted over a thousand people. I recruited and signed the bands, created the posters and radio ads, rented the concert halls and managed to not lose any money.

In 2014,  I organized, marketed and managed a Willie Nelson concert in Silver Springs, Florida with only 5 weeks to promote and make successful (Willie cancelled a show at Sea World and I jumped on the chance to bring him to Silver Springs). The concert was profitable despite the very short timeline. 

Passionate about music and songwriting, I began to organize and host songwriting retreats at my adventure & yoga resort in the wilderness of British Columbia. I have since hosted 27 retreats and workshops, working with many of the best songwriting mentors in the world. 

My songwriting process varies considerably, but I am known for evocative lyrics and compelling melodies. My song output is more about quality than quantity. I have written songs that fall into many genres, including pop, indie rock, folk, alternative, Dance/EDM, country and adult contemporary.