UnREleased Songs

Blue Crush Music has an electrifying playlist of UNRELEASED songs. These songs are NOT  available online on any streaming site, nor have they been performed in public.  Collaborating with producers, songwriters and artists in Canada, Australia, USA and Sweden, Bryan Lee Fogelman has created an exciting playlist covering Pop, Indie, Alternative & Singer-Songwriter.  These UNRELEASED tracks are available for sync, licensing and artist placement.  Other songs not listed here are available by directly contacting Bryan: bryanfogelman@gmail.com / 604-307-3122

LaTest unreleased tracks


Paris to the Moon: Written by Bryan Lee Fogelman; Produced by Henrik Jacobsson (Sweden); Vocal: Alisa Balogh (Canada)

City of Dreams: Written by Bryan Lee Fogelman, Lucy LeBlanc (Canada), Charlie Stephenson (USA); Produced by Ryan Worsley (Canada); Vocal: Danielle McTaggert (Canada)

You Thief:  Written by Bryan Lee Fogelman & Jack Boomer; Produced by Ryan Worsley (Canada); Vocal: Lindsay Kipp (Canada)

Living Loving: Written by Bryan Lee Fogelman, William Fredriksson (Sweden), Tiam Farokhy Nia (Sweden). Mix: Jordan Baywood (USA); Vocal: Dora Pereli (USA)