Bo Henrik

ABOUT My Music

Bo Henrik is from a small town south of Stockholm Sweden where he grew up immersed in a culture rich in social benefits and arts, but modest in lifestyle. Music has been a central theme in Bo’s upbringing -- he started performing classical music at a young age and quickly found himself fronting live indie shows in the city. Bo’s Mom’s influence as a working choreographer permeates all of Bo’s visual and performance work, which showcases his dance (and skateboard) abilities. Skating comes courtesy of Bo’s Dad -- you guessed it -- a high school skateboard teacher! (yes, Sweden is that cool). After high school Bo picked up valuable skills songwriting and arranging with the Swedish Hip Hop label, TMA. Bo parlayed that experience to attract an offer from Blue Crush Music founder, Bryan Fogelman, to attend his songwriting incubator where he would write with indie artists in Canada and develop his own artistic vision. Bo jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back. 

Bo Henrik’s recent releases are inspired by his eventful life experience over the years, traveling far from home, and living day to day. Bo’s dreams are starting to manifest: living independently with his closest friends, writing / recording in a collaborative studio environment with the people that inspire him, and creating the most emotionally honest and soulful music possible.